Real love is never a waste of time: Sam Smith and Apple’s new Christmas ad

Like many companies, technology giant Apple likes to produce Christmas-themed commercials when the holiday season rolls around. For this year’s ad, they came up with a charming idea but needed a sound track. British singer and songwriter Sam Smith had exactly what they needed.

Smith grew up in a small village in Cambridgshire, England. He developed an interest in music (and a talent for singing) early on. His musical career started taking off in 2012, when he was 20. His first album, “In the Lonely Hour,” was released in 2014. By 2015, he had four Grammy Awards! Smith has a tendency to look at the bigger picture: “I sound awful saying this all the time, because it sounds like I’m slagging off current pop stars, which I’m not, because I love pop culture. But I feel like class and romance have gotten lost. We’ve become a bit lazy, not just in terms of music. I miss the days when girls would wear full long dresses and just stand onstage and sing. That’s what I’m trying to bring back: that timeless element. I want to create music that people will be listening to in fifty years, you know?”

Smith’s 2017 album “The Thrill of it All” topped the charts in both Britain and the United States. In his review, music critic Andy Gill of The Independent newspaper said, “Smith’s voice remains a thing of wonder throughout.” The album includes the song “Palace” and that’s the one Apply chose for its commercial.

We’ve posted Apple’s holiday advertisement below. As you’ll see, it works as a really nice music video for Smith’s “Palace.” A young woman with her earbuds in bumps into a young man. She shares an earbud with him and they then dance a virtual ballet through the snowy streets. The commercial ends with the message, “Move someone this Christmas.”

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