Remember ‘Little Tykes’ toy? Here’s the 70 MPH GROWN-UP version!

Can you remember what your first car was? A Chevy maybe? A Ford? Cadillac or Chrysler? What about a Toyota? Or even a sporty little coupe of some sort?

Well for some it was a “Little Tykes Cozy Coupe”. This classic children’s toy has been around for 30-years now, can you believe that? 30 years. How many hours of fun did your kids get out of these amazing little cars.

The foot powered vehicle was the rage for any would-be Jack Brabham or John Force. The Cozy Coupe’s classic paint scheme of red and yellow hasn’t changed over the years and is still one of the most recognizable children’s toys of all time.

Some kids just don’t grow up, that’s why  brothers John and Geoff from the auto shop “Attitude Autos” built the first road-worthy version of the Cozy Coupe for the big kids to play with.

This adult size adaptation of the classic kid’s car is capable of speeds up to 70-miles-per-hour, now that’s a lot of pedal power….

The car was built as a fund-raiser for children’s charities in the United Kingdom, and that’s where the majority of its 5000-miles-to-date have been done.

The car, based on a 2000 “Daewoo Matiz” is what the builders call a “subcompact hatchback”, a term I’m sure they created themselves…

This one-of-a-kind-crazy-car has spent the majority of its time touring the UK visiting numerous car shows and charity events bringing smiles to the faces of all that have had the pleasure to see this wonderful feat of engineering.

In the video below, John explains to a television journalist he is taking for a cruise just how the car came about. John says that the idea of the car was to copy a children’s toy, and what better toy to recreate in full scale that the “Little Tykes Cozy Coupe”.

‘It had to have no windows” John explains, but unfortunately on this particular day it was raining. “It could have done with widows today” says the rather damp journalist.

John goes on the to say “I thought, what a wonderful idea to make something like that real, and I knew straight away what the car had to be”.

The car took over 1000-hours and nearly 6000-dollars to make, but the time, effort and money were well worth it. The car is just like the original toy with the addition of lights an airbag and functional mirrors, and yes, it is licensed to drive on the roads in Britain.

John and Geoff have now put the car on the market, so if it a real “Little Tykes Cozy Coupe” you are after, it can be yours for a bargain, priced at just $33,240. What are you waiting for…………….?