Rescue Dog Sense Danger Before It Happens! Using Adorably Keen Senses, He Saves His Owners Life!

Rescue dogs can have it rough. There past may be clouded with abuse or splotched with neglect. Unfortunately, those seem to stain the poor pups, who by no fault of their own, suffered miserable cruel owners. There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with a rescuing that should be apparent. You’re rescuing another living being and while rescue is a loose term, I personally think we should all raise our standards a bit.

Not many times has a dog who was rescued gotten to return the favor. Yet, thanks to Carl, now known as “Carl the Wonder Pup,” one owner found his dad grateful and humbled. It was evening when Carl’s dad found himself approaching the entertainment for the night. The building that has now been repainted and restored, didn’t sit right with Carl. His behavior worried Drew, pushing him to look for something out of the ordinary.

Carl pulled Drew out of the building. The buildings blaring alarms were now heard from a safe distance, as they the chaos slowly subdued. Luckily, Carl’s foresight saved the building’s owner a decent chunk of change. This loving, intelligent, and calm pooch, sure knew what to do during this emergency. With his hound a local hero, Drew felt lucky that he had such a loyal friend.

Where was he on pop quiz days in high school? “What? Where ar- clas-…alright, I’ll follow your lead Wonder pup.” With no prior knowledge, I would find out the following frg day he lead me away from danger yet again.

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