They Rescued 38 Suffering Beagles. But Wait Till You See THIS Reaction From The Dogs! Aww!

All of us know that dogs love to play and have a quality time. But, have any of us ever imagined a place where these dogs are kept in confined quarters and left to suffer for the rest of their lives? Did you know that some laboratories breed dogs just for this sole purpose? Wait till you see this truly inspiring video from the Beagle Freedom Project!

These poor mistreated dogs have never been outdoors and have never known what it feels like to run on fresh grass. The Beagle Freedom has put in a lot of effort to rescue these dogs from their misery. This organization managed to rescue a whooping amount of 38 beagles from a hard life of suffering and neglect. It is heartwarming to see these dogs despite all the terrible hardships they have been through.

These 38 beagles were rescued from labs on America’s East and West Coast and in the Midwest. I can’t believe the United States still allows this testing on animals to continue. These beagles had never felt grass under their feet, and they had never even met each other. They had never played together or had toys.

In this clip we see them after they are rescued. They are running, playing, rolling in the grass and in their new beds. They have toys and homes and names now, just like they should have had from the beginning. When I saw one of them sleeping with his little human, experiencing love for the first time, I just wanted to cry for him.