Rescued hummingbird waits for her meal – she can’t stop shaking when it arrives!

When we’re hungry or thirsty and we finally get some food and drink into us, it can be one of the best feelings we can ever hope to enjoy. Especially if it’s something really delicious and members of the animal kingdom feel very much the same way! We only have to look at our faithful family dog, staring up at us as we eat our meals, desperately pleading to be allowed to have some – and then the utter joy when we eventually give in and throw them a tit-bit! Well, it appears the same can be said of hummingbirds!

Up there with the most beautiful creatures on earth, hummingbirds are also one of the smallest species of bird that exists, measuring as small as 5 cm (2 inches) and weighing as little as 2 grams (0.07 oz)! They’re most famous for their incredible ability to hover while their long beaks reach into plants to drink up the juicy nectar contained within.

So-called because of the sound their wings make while beating incredibly fast, hummingbirds are known to flap their wings at a record 12 beats per second for larger species, to up to an incredible 80 beats per second for the smaller ones! That’s an astonishing amount of work to keep yourself up in the air just to enjoy a good feed!

Thankfully, for this little chap in the video below, this is one time he’s getting hand-fed after being found on a sidewalk in Vancouver. The kind-hearted rescuers did the right thing and took him to an animal shelter, who are now taking care of the little darling in the hope he will be released back into the wild.

In the meantime, the adorable bundle of cuteness still needs to eat, so watch as he waits patiently for his bottle, sitting on what appears to be a soft towel. Perhaps he’s temporarily lost the use of his famous wings, but a good Samaritan is on hand to provide him with the nutrients he needs – and you’re going to love what happens when he eventually gets them!

The tiny mite literally shakes himself silly as the delicious sugar water is brought in and he can take a well-deserved and much-needed gulp! Have you ever seen a hummingbird vibrate like that?! It’s a cuteness overload! Watch this amazing video and share with your bird loving family and friends!