Rescued Pig Beams With Joy When He’s Given a Juicy Watermelon

Farm animals have a wholesome nature about them that people of all ages adore. An animal sanctuary was treating a couple of precious piggies to some watermelon, and their reaction is just as cute as you’d expect.

We all know that pigs are ready to munch on delicious food at just about any time of day or night. These not-so-litter porkers were given a juicy watermelon to enjoy on a warm summer day.

Hilton, the rescued pig, has a huge smile plastered across his entire face when his favorite human hands him the mouth-watering treat. As he starts to take his first few bites, his tail begins to wag with excitement.

Can you blame Hilton for being so joyful over food? Watermelon is the perfect refreshing snack for a hot day, and this hog is going to town. Rumor has it that Hilton still dreams of this scrumptious meal to this day.