Researchers Put Tracking Devices On Indoor/Outdoor Cats. I Was Shocked At The Results.

While my cats are indoor cats, there are people who let their cats roam both in and out of their places. One of my neighbors used to do that, but put the kibosh on that when a raccoon attacked the feline. Do these people really know where these cats go? They may think that they do, but that’s doesn’t seem to really be the case. This video about tracking outdoor cats prove just that.

The researchers gave people who lived in North Carolina some trackers, which also had a camera, to put on their cats. It’s basically a harness with a camera that fits on their back. The felines didn’t seem too crazy about this at first, but they seemed to adapt really quickly. There were no reports of their conveniently “losing” the trackers when they roamed around outside. It wouldn’t have surprised me, though.

It was incredible to see how far cats roamed from their homes… both on the street and in the air. There was footage of one cat walking on top of a roof! Another cat went more than a mile from his home… to his old home. This showed that cats do have some sense of spatial awareness around them. I’d love to explain that to my cat, who is REALLY good at knocking over cups of water on a table.

One of the researchers advocates that mommies and daddies of cats should keep their cats indoors at all times. This is to prevent them from a) hurting conservation efforts by overhunting other animals and b)possibly getting attacked by another animal and running up a huge vet bill… if they were to survive the attack in the first place. Hopefully, more and more peole will partake in this effort. Just not me. It’d be boring. “Gee. Your cat jumped on your bed… AGAIN.”

How about you? Do you have an indoor/outdoor cat that you’d like to see how far they roam? Have you monitored your feline’s behavior? Let us know in the comments section. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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