Rottweiler meets 6-month-old for the first time, what an amazing reaction between the two!

It can be hard when you are used to being the only one who receives the cuddles and loves in a household. Especially when you know that they depend on you for almost all of their cuddling and loving. Some may take this position for granted, yet it can really be something of great astonishment when you finally get another bundle of love within the household. As we can see with the amazing interaction between these two amazingly cute angels.

When it comes to the ones who are the sole proprietors of our love and of our affection, dogs and babies seem to go neck and neck. Chances are, you’ve had a dog longer than you’ve had a baby. Yet, when it comes to them meeting for the first time, there isn’t usually a whole lot of jealousy between the two. It’s more so curiosity. So when they do finally meet, it can be quite overwhelming. For both parties, they are finally meeting the other bundle of love the family is so cherished in having. They both have an overwhelming amount of personality either developing or beginning to develop. When it comes to the two curious parties meeting, you’ll find that their first interaction can be something of danger or something of great love and joy amongst the family members. I know when I first saw the interaction between these two, I had to take a step back from how amazingly cute they both were.

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