These Sad, Heartbroken Donkeys Walk Up To Their Deceased Friend. What They Did Next? Oh Wow! OMG!

When it comes to our animal friends I think it’s fair to say that we’re very attached to them. Animals have always been a huge part of our lives and many people don’t truly understand just how attached we become to them.

Animals are important to us, so much so that many of us bring animals not just into our lives but into our homes. We bring these pets into our homes where we are able to really understand what it means to have an animal as a best friend. While these fur babies are with us we make them the center of our world and spoil them rotten.

We love them so much and they are such a huge part of our lives that when they come to the end of their lives we are left feeling empty. We don’t know how to fill the void that their absence created in our lives, this apparently isn’t a feeling meant for only people, animals feel this emptiness as well.

In this video you will see a group of donkey’s that are experiencing a detrimental loss. They loss one of their friends, named Bram. Bram was a rescued donkey who lived a very hard life before he was rescued and brought to this organization. It is quite fascinating to see how this herd of donkey’s react to seeing their good friend lifeless, and how they react to what they are feeling.

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