When He Said He Could Impersonate Animals No One Believed Him. One Minute Later, WOW!

William Jafta has become world famous for his ability to mimic animals. This incredible South African practices every day to become better and better at his craft. At the time of this writing, he is claimed able to her same more than 10 animals in sitting.

In just a few seconds he can switch from a rooster to a sheep. The incredible performance in this video shows him showcasing 15 animal noises commonly found in areas around Cape Town.

This one man show is a very ambitious audition. But when William auditioned for “Britain’s Got Talent” he decided to perform a show like none other. Instead of simply showing off his incredible animal sounds he also shows off his amazing stage presence. This man is short to be raking in the cash the next few years as he does the voice-overs for so many creatures.

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