Sanctuary supports lion conservation with breathtaking video

The primary mission of GG Lions NPC was to sustain the African Lion population in South Africa and put effort into understanding and studying this majestic species. The 77 lions will be cared for by the sanctuary for their whole life.


The sanctuary is situated in the Harrismith area of South Africa and is spread in around 1000 ha. Here the lions live a peaceful life without the fear of the poachers.

The Lion or the Panthera Leo is a large cat with a muscular body and powerful forelegs, teeth, and jaws. The adult male’s coat color is yellow-gold, and they have shaggy manes.


Many visitors of the sanctuary had terrific things to talk about these majestic lions. One of the aspects they loved about the king of the jungle was the color of the mane. The bright blond colored hair looked beautiful when the sun rays would fall on them. The lionesses were no less. The beautiful tawny brown color of the skin would look bright white under the sun.

The lion & the lioness were tall and strong and were well fed. These animals were given the fantastic opportunity to stay in their natural environment with their pride. As a result, all the animals in the sanctuary have a comfortable lifestyle.


The tourists could see the lion and lioness roaming freely and enjoying their leisure time with the family. One lion even stood on an elevated ground, trying to get a farther look.

The experience is truly one of a kind and cannot be expressed in words. The beauty of these animals is incomparable. The sanctuary has done an excellent job in taking care of these vulnerable species and protecting them with all their might.

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