She Sang ‘Happy Birthday’ To Her Horse. But I Fell Off My Chair When I Saw How He Reacted!

Horses are one of the most beautiful and amazing pets a person can have. They can form a deep attachment with their humans and they can be really loyal.

Though we have come across a lot of videos where horses have been through heartbreaking lives, this one is the complete opposite. And it is really awesome to get a chance to watch something like this!

Some people are known to go the extra mile for their beloved pets. The woman in the video is Sarah and she decided to throw a birthday bash for her horse, JD. They lit the candles and sang happy birthday, but what follows next is sure to leave you in stitches!

JD is the grandson of greatest racehorse of all time, Secretariat, the Triple Crown Winner. But there is one difference between them. JD is quite slow! But even though he’s not a racehorse, his owner loves him dearly and spoils him rotten because he has so many other great qualities.

JD appears to have a talent for blowing out candles, making funny faces, and making people laugh! You will see all of those talents in this one very short clip.

I have seen many horses on the internet that have a wonderful sense of humor, and this guy seems to be one of them. He may not run fast, but he sure is funny and handsome.

Watch this adorable video below and let us know your thoughts about JD’s antics in the comments!

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She Sang \'Happy Birthday\' To Her Horse. But I Fell Off My Chair When I Saw How He Reacted!