After Being Saved From The Worst Conditions, 200 Horses Can Live Happily Again!

If you’re a fan of horses of any kind, you’ll probably be very jealous of the woman featured in the video below. Her name is Jennifer Kunz, and she lives alongside hundreds of rescued horses in a beautiful resting place and sanctuary created for horse protection. She doesn’t only live with them and take care of them, she also saved them from mistreatment and abuse. Every single horse in the sanctuary was saved from situations of neglect, homeless situations, abuse, and/or abandonment. All of them have their own distinct personality, and they are named.

This magical place is called the Duchess Sanctuary, and it’s a huge field of over one thousand acres that is located close to Oakland, in Oregon state. More than 200 horses live there, and it’s all thanks to this woman’s brave efforts.

Many of the horses in the facility were rescued from the Pregnant Mare Urine industry, in which special medications are prepared using the urine extracted from pregnant horses. They suffer horrible conditions in order for this industry to be sustained, and they are kept in the worst way you could imagine. The worst part is, when they’re no longer useful, they get killed and sold for their meat. Thankfully, Jennifer is there to give these beautiful creatures a new hope in life!

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