She Saw A Deer Sitting On Her Porch. But It’s What Mom’s Dog Did Next That Shocked Everyone!

Interspecies relationships are a joy to watch, possibly because they seem so unusual to us. When you see two totally different animals hang out together, you can’t help but smile. Just take, for example, the adorable pair featured in the video below! This cute dog and his deer friend are sure to steal your heart right out of your chest!

When their owner started posting videos of them on YouTube, the duo managed to garner lots of fans. This clip is a compilation of new, as well as old, footage from 2008 to 2010 that has never been featured in any of their other videos before. The background music is Martin Springett’s “Nahanni.” According to the video description, the dog and the deer are in love with each other! It is really wonderful to see them play together!

You may recognize this duo as Kate and Pippin. They have been featured on YouTube many times by Kate’s owner, Isobel. Kate is a Great Dane who loves playing with her friend, Pippin, and in this clip, you’ll see Pippin also enjoys teasing the family cat. The relationship of these animals is so special to watch. It will really warm your heart.

Watch as this Great Dane and this deer play together in the family’s yard through the years. This compilation video will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. These two are just adorable.

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