They Saw An Elephant In Labor, But When They Looked Closer, They Saw Something INCREDIBLE!

Elephants are one of the most gorgeous animals on the planet. They are widely known for not only their size, but also for their strength, beauty, and intelligence. In comparison to other wild animals, they are also known to be relatively more social, and working together as a team to raise the young in the herd. The video below features a beautiful elephant birth! Wait till you see this for yourself!

When wildlife photographer, Andrew Schoeman, was out in the wild to take some pictures and videos, he saw a herd of elephants. His group stopped to see these gentle giants from a distance. They spotted a female elephant who was about to give birth to her calf, and they weren’t about to miss this amazing opportunity to see an elephant give birth in the wild.

The elephant was having contractions and took the stance elephants take when they give birth. What is really interesting is that the other elephants crowded around her, protecting her and the baby elephant that was already there, probably about two or three years old at this time.

The moment she gave birth was absolutely incredible, and how amazing it must have been to see this taking place in the wild. It was getting dark, so they couldn’t manage to record the moment the calf stood up, but what they did see was amazing. But according to Andrew, they saw the baby standing alongside his mom the next morning.

Watch this incredible video below! What did you think about this elephant birth? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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