Scared dog that hid in corners overcomes all of her fears

A stray dog (later called Annie) arrived at her foster home. She had spent four years without being adopted. Chelsea, the foster mom, had an essential task to help the dog get out of her comfort zone.

It was also challenging for the new foster mom to get the dog to eat. She would not move out of the crate. Soon, Annie felt comfortable and came out of the box. She tried to be comfortable in her new home.

The foster mom knew she had done something great. Annie had snuggly traits. Soon the dog started to come out of her shell. Chelsea would put her on a leash and bring her to the living room with them.

Chelsea learned new facts about the dog every day. She realized her poor little foster dog was afraid of something new daily. Sometimes, the little one would also be afraid of the TV’s sound.

However, the dog would explore new areas around the house, loved going on walks, and even enjoyed hiking. Annie was always wagging her tail happily. When Chelsea thought Annie was ready, she found her a new home.

Annie’s new mom, Siri, was proud of their dog. Everyone adored her. The little one now had a loving family and even got into a cute habit. She would only sleep when her mom gave her the stuffed mouse; otherwise, she would cry for it.

The dog was pampered with new toys. Siri thought that Annie brightened their day with her beautiful smile. The goofy dog loves car rides and wouldn’t even let go of the driving seat.

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Scared dog that hid in corners overcomes all of her fears