He Scratched This Horse’s Neck. But Wait Till You See How This Horse Reacts When He Stops! LOL!

This is one of the funniest videos you will see today. It features a horse that loves getting rubbed and scratched. Horses, like many other animals, aren’t equipped to scratch every spot on their body, so when a human comes and helps him out with his itch, it is hilarious. You’re going to crack up when you see how he responds!

Levi is an Oldenburg gelding who lives at Maxfield Equestrian riding center in Turlock, California. In the video below, Tom Dunn gives him a hand with his itch. And it looks like the gentle giant just can’t get enough. Tom is 6 feet 2 inches, but Levi still towers over him. Wait till you see what he does when Tom decides to walk away! He is adorable!

Actually, wait till you see how Levi reacts while he’s being scratched! That’s just as funny as what he does when Tom walks away. Levi stretches his head up as high as it will go, and then he shakes it like he’s in seventh heaven. He even shows his teeth in a big smile!

But when Tom tries to walk away, Levi uses his long neck to hook Tom under his chin and pull him back to scratch his neck some more. It’s so funny! He’s a pretty clever horse to figure out this maneuver. Levi has a small rope holding him in his stall, so he can’t move forward, but it doesn’t matter. His neck is so long he can easily reach Tom.

Watch this hilarious horse in the video below and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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