See This Adorable Pup? He loves Playing With His Best Friend, But Wait Until You See Who It Is!

Rescue dogs are adorable, they clearly enjoy and appreciate love more than house dogs. You see, rescue dogs are desperate to give love, many have experience a life of abuse or filled with harsh conditions. The following story features an absolutely cute rescue dog, that now enjoys life and gives happiness to everyone around him!

Meet Ruggles,  this adorable little puppy angel has already had a pretty tough life, the poor little Shih-Tzu was born and raised in a horrible puppy mill. The conditions at this particular dog factory were so terrible that a police bust was called in and little Ruggles was finally freed from the horrific environment.

Ruggles’ past is without a shadow of doubt, horrible. Thankfully he was saved by some good humans! Rescue animals can make some of the sweetest pets you’ll ever meet, whether it’s a talented rescue dog who can play the piano or the sweet little fluff ball in the video below. Ruggles’ story just goes to show you that we should always be kind to our wonderful furry friends.

Please share the amazing video below, I’m sure that this cute little pup and his unlikely friend will leave you smiling non-stop. I definitely believe that all animals deserve a forever home and loving family!

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