See Great Dane’s Amazing Reaction when He’s Picked up After 3 Days at A Kennel

Your heart is going to melt when this lovable Great Dane tells his mommy: “I LOVE YOU. LET’S GO HOME NOW!”

Kernel is a big, lovable Great Dane. Now just those two words should evoke a picture of a GIANT dog, am I right? I don’t think any other breed is quite like this one. I love all dogs, but I marvel at Great Danes, don’t you?

Kernel, the Great Dane, can’t believe his eyes when his owner comes to pick him up after being away for three whole days. Check out their emotional reunion.

As you’ll see in the video we’ve posted below when Kernel’s mom arrived to pick him up, he stopped in is tracks, apparently unable to believe his eyes.

Then this big, adorable dog was overcome with joy. He stands up with his paws on her shoulder (he’s about as tall as she is) and frantically nuzzles her face and neck.

It’s really incredible and touching just how happy and relieved he is. You can practically hear Kernel saying, “It’s you! It’s you! Let’s go home right now!”

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See Great Dane\'s Amazing Reaction when He\'s Picked up After 3 Days at A Kennel