See why people are falling in love with these senior citizen cheerleading squad.

You’ve heard that it is never too late to follow your dreams, right? I believe that at the end of the day, you should not have any regrets nor any stones unturned. I mean, if you think about it, you won’t have a second chance to live your life. Have you ever had the sensation that you are doing everything wrong in your life?

I had. It was about 5 years ago. I had a regular 9 to 5 job. I was doing pretty good for myself but there was something that I felt was missing. I decided to take a sabbatical and to figure out what it was. I had saved enough money to take it easy for a while, and after talking about it with my wife, I took a go at it. I had been working non-stop for many years and I forgot who I was.

There were many things about my job that I had enjoyed, but I wasn’t happy. I felt that something was missing and it sure wasn’t my family. I had the family that I wanted, and I was very happy and proud of them. My son had reminded me of what was very important in life and my daughter had reminded me of how lucky I was.

We went on vacation and I thought that a good starting point would be the place I had grown up in. So, I took a plane and was in my hometown. I was shocked to see how much everything had changed but was very happy to see all my friends from my childhood. Some of them had never left there, but they were happy. They told me that they didn’t really feel the need to.

I stayed there for a few days, but not before I visited my old elementary school and got to walk inside. So many memories came to me when I was walking through it that made me remember a crucial time in my childhood. Back then, I enjoyed writing very much. I would write fictional stories and lend them to my friends. They loved them and told me I should be a writer.

That was what I had forgotten about myself. I decided to go back home and work on my first novel. I had stopped writing for the longest time but there were still a couple of topics that I had wanted to write a book about. So, I started writing and the ideas just started flowing. Before you knew it, I had finished it and it was on its way to be published. How do I feel? I feel fantastic and I encourage you to never stop dreaming. Everything is possible.

The following video features a group of lovely ladies that have been winning the hearts of millions. They are a group of seniors who had always wished they could have been cheerleaders. Well, they decided to forget about ‘could haves’ and go for it. They are the newest Internet sensation and they are about to hit your screen!