After Seeing Each Other Through Glass As Babies, This Dog And Cheetah Become Inseparable Best Friends.

Whenever we are feeling lonely or going through a hard time, it is always our friends who stay by our sides and help us feel much better. We may not think of it much, but animals feel the exact same way whenever they are going through hard times.

When the cheetah Ruuxa was born in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, she was sadly abandoned by her mother. Unfortunately for cheetahs, whenever there is only one cub, it runs a risk of not surviving and the mother’s instincts are to abandon the cub.

Thankfully, Ruuxa was quickly taken in and cared for by the staff at the San Diego Zoo. She quickly grew attached to a puppy on the other side of the glass from her named Raina. As the two grew up, they become inseparable best friends. They would often play and run around together, having a bond that few people could expect a cheetah and a dog to have.
When Ruuxa was later found to have a health problem with her front legs, Raina would faithfully stand by her every step of the way.

See this incredible friendship and bond unfold from their early moments as puppy and cub and finally to today when Ruuxa has overcome her limitations and can run just like any other cheetah. Let us know what you think, and if you thought this was as incredible as we did, then be sure to share this with family and friends.

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