Seemed like just an ordinary car trip until the radio started playing this song

Whatever your singing ability, there are two places that are ideal for belting out a tune. One is, of course, the shower. The other is in your car, at least when you’re the only one in it. Both venues have excellent acoustics that contains the sound nicely — a great help if you’re tone deaf or otherwise can’t carry a tune. Another great thing about singing in the shower or in your car is that nobody else can hear you! But whatever the advantages of singing by yourself, it can be a lot of fun to sing along with a good friend, as we’ll see shortly.

Lola is a great big Shiloh Shepherd who loves accompanying Annie, her human mom, on road trips. This dog could not be better behaved: once in the vehicle, she settles down in the back seat and usually nods off, enjoying a nap in a home away from home. This is what’s happening when “We Are The Champions” comes over the radio…

Released by Queen in 1977, “We Are The Champions” is one of the most popular songs in the history of rock and according to several polls, among the greatest. No wonder it has a place in the Grammy Hall Of Fame! Researchers have even determined that it’s the catchiest song of all time. Not surprisingly, “We Are The Champions” has become something of a sports anthem. In fact, FIFA, the governing body of international soccer, made it the official theme song for the 1994 World Cup.

Catchy the song is: Annie is soon singing along enthusiastically. Soon thereafter, Lola awakens from her back seat slumber and provides a canine version of backup vocal. She howls along with the music, throwing her head back with abandon while hitting all the high notes. Yes, there’s nothing quite like two good friends cruising down the highway and singing without a care in the world!

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