Have you seen rare shape trees in the forest before, this is more meaningful than you think.

When the cold winds of autumn start to come, a fun activity that we can do is outdoor exploration. Watching the beautiful landscape while you walk, breathing fresh air and discovering all kind of new things that you didn’t notice in the past can be just the thing you needed to relax and forget all your troubles. If you are in the right place and you are lucky, maybe you can observe an interesting tree that doesn’t grow in all forests, at least naturally.

It turns out that most of the American forests have unusual trees that are bent in one section, almost like an S. But how does this happen? If you search the internet you are going to find a lot of information regarding these unusual friends and how meaningful they are among people.

The existence of these types of trees typically indicates the presence of Native American trails in the region. The ancient people used to tied down young trees in this form to mark the path to important places like a nearby water source or a trail that points directly to their homes. When the time has passed and as no one can stop nature, the resulting effect is a tree growing in a very awkward position.

They are very beautiful thought and their form attracts thousands of curious visitors that are fascinated with these unique trees, most of the people really enjoy getting a picture along with these odd friends. However not all of them are artificially bent by the native, sometimes natural conditions make the trees grow into some of the most original shapes in the world, no matter the circumstances the trees will always go in the best direction to find the sun.

When it comes to artificial bent trees you will notice a nose or some kind of arrangement on the top section of the bent part. Another characteristic clue that will tell you if the tree is natural or artificial is the scarred area made by the straps that were tied to the tree.

We can say for sure that this is one of the kind technique and very useful when you don’t have the benefit of technology within your reach to know exactly where you are. There is no doubt that natives were truly original to solve complex problems such as this one, the Mountain Stewards website have a lot of additional information about bent trees in our nation; they also show the exact location of over 1,000 bent trees in North America forests.

If you want to see the amazing variety of bent trees in the forest, just click play on the video below and prepare to be astonished by their unique form. Don’t forget to leave your comments and share it with your friends and family.