A senior dog begs his human mama to save homeless pup

Jennifer, a dog lover, had recently rescued some stray puppies. The kind woman knew that the mother had to be somewhere nearby. So she went out every day with her senior dog to search for the mama dog (later named Winter).

So, one day as she was driving, the senior dog sniffed around and looked very excited. That was when Jennifer pulled over her car and laid out a lot of food. However, the poor mama dog was terrified. About 20 days later, a local rescuer helped Jennifer set up a trap to rescue the pooch.

The moment the mama dog ran into that trap, the kind woman was thrilled. She was relieved that they had found the mother. Earlier, she had no place for the puppies and had to put them with the rescue organization.

Jennifer wanted to get the puppies back and put them with the mama dog. However, the rescue organization had adopted the puppies. So, Jennifer set up a FaceTime call with one of the pups so that Winter would know that her puppies were safe. However, when the mama dog came to her foster home, she was skeptical about the humans.

However, after Winter started spending more and more time with Jennifer, she became more comfortable. She felt loved and acted like a big baby. After three weeks, Jennifer introduced the mama dog to her other pets.

Coco, the Labrador, was obsessed with Winter, and Maggie, the cat, was jealous of their friendship. However, Winter never showed signs of aggression, and soon all the siblings got close and loved spending time together.

Jennifer wanted to adopt her, but she knew that Winter needed a bigger space. The mama dog required a lot of room to have fun, and the foster mom did not have a backyard. So, Jennifer found a perfect home for the adorable pooch. Now Winter has a great family who loves her a lot.

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