Senior Hounds Sadly Left Behind by Families. What One Woman Did for Them? Will Break Your Heart!

Time is always in flux around us. We can’t stop the flow no matter how hard we try. With age comes wisdom and sometimes arthritis. These are just by products of a good life. We try our best to get out there, put in some cuddles and hugs, work hard towards something, and be loved and find someone to love in return. Life is full of so many mysteries and amazements, it’s hard to take in some times.

Some find unfortunate fates, getting conditions or diseases that impact the rest of their lives. Sometimes friends and family can’t continue supporting them, as it has gotten to the worse stages of all. Yet, there are many out there who after hearing this heartbreaking story look to find other methods of care. There are so many out there looking to do good, almost to the point they just need a bit of direction. They just need a gentle push in the right direction.

House with a Heart is one such pet sanctuary that aims to be the cure-all. The option that allows some a peaceful place to rest after being abandoned or sent to a shelter with very little chance of being adopted. Aging dogs with no family are rescued by Sher Pelvinale in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The gracious and loving arms open to these senior dogs by one senior with a heart big enough for all of them.

With all the medical costs, it sure can get expensive, but thanks to many supporters, donations and short term care plans, she makes sure she can look after all of them with the warm love and understanding they need towards the end.

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