Senior Husky travels America by motorcycle

This senior Husky has been traveling with his owner for more than a decade already. They have visited almost all states in the U.S.

Different stories have already proven to the world that dogs are indeed man’s best friend. They have an emotional tie with us that cannot easily be broken even in their lifetime.

That emotional tie is what bonds this senior Husky Sox from his owner, Michael. They have been traveling with a motorcycle for more than a decade, aiming to get to every state of the U.S.

Wearing a helmet and shades, you can see that Sox enjoys his adventure with Michael. Sox is getting older, and traveling on bikes has become challenging for him. It might have slowed him down, but it hasn’t stopped him.

Luckily, he has a very supportive and loving owner. Michael decided to give him a sidecar so he can become more comfortable while they travel.

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Senior Husky travels America by motorcycle