Several Kittens Roam Around Office. I Was Howling At How They Played With Each Other.

Seeing cats play with each other is so fun to watch. Yes, sometimes it does look they are killing each other, but they aren’t. You’d be able to tell if they were really mad at each other – there would be hissing and real swatting, along with fur and blood flying. That is not the case here. These kittens have some hunting instincts to hone and playing with each other is the perfect way to do it.

We see several kittens in an office type environment. They are intent on playing with each other and they use the whole place as their playground. One of them hides under a cabinet and leaps out at any of the others who walk nearby. It’s so adorable to see. They roll around and play fight. It’s what they do. They definitely aren’t going to sit around and read books or play on a video game console…

The kittens are having a blast playing with each other. One even uses a rolled-up rug to his advantage, getting one of his ‘rivals’ stuck in it while he’s batting their rear with his paw. One goes over to his mommy and plays with her, but that ends predictably with her pinning him to the ground with one paw. “Dude. Cat-like reflexes. Hear of it?” Another one seems to be channeling 1980s Hulk Hogan, pretending not to be hurt by any swats to the face before leaping and knocking over his opponent.

The only thing missing was maybe a voiceover like for a training video. Perhaps something like “So you want to be a KITTEN warrior! You must learn these things” and then point out things like “Find a crafty hiding spot where you can strike your victim when they least suspect it!” and “Use your terrain to your advantage!” and “Find a mentor who can spar with you whenever you like!” It was a cute video, but adding that would have made it that much better.

Weren’t these kittens SO cute? I was clapping the whole time. Did you? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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