She Asks Her Dog Who Chewed The Glasses. How The Dog Responds Will Leave You In Hysterics! LOL!

There are some animals that are really good fibbers. They mask their guilt very well and it’s difficult to tell if they are the real culprits or not!

But dogs are not very good at covering up their guilt. There are telltale signs that dogs give out which makes it easy to establish their guilt as we see from this video.

Stephanie Lynn discovers some remains of her glasses in the backyard. The glasses have been chewed off and she thinks she might know who the culprit is. She calls out her dog Rooney to ask him if he is responsible! Rooney looks totally guilty of the deed as we can see from his expressions and his behavior. To confirm his guilt he even quietly banishes himself to his cage as a punishment! It is so adorable and even Stephanie is heard suppressing a laugh!

Does your dog give these expressions? Please use the comments section to share your thoughts with us. We’d love to hear from you!


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