Shelter Decides To Euthanize A Cat Who Was “Unadoptable.” Just 60 Minutes Later…

A cat arrived at the animal shelter with some serious injuries, including deep cuts, a cauliflower ear, and a crushed spine. Vets didn’t think the orange tabby would ever walk again. The cat, named Benben was considered “unadoptable” and he was slated to be euthanized. During what were presumed to be his final days, shelter staff said it seemed like Benben knew his fate. Not only did he look unhappy but he stopped eating and drinking and was just lying there in his cage looking miserable. A picture of him was posted on-line and he soon became known as “the saddest cat on the internet.”

A day before Benben was scheduled to be put to sleep, a woman who worked with an emergency room veterinarian and had heard about this “unadoptable” cat came to have a look. What she saw was a cat who needed a home and a lot of love. So she adopted him!

Only an hour after arriving at his new home, Benben was already transformed. He looked happier, began purring, and wanted to cuddle. At last he felt safe and loved! That alone made a huge difference. Contrary to the vets’ expectations, Benben was eventually back up on his feet. His convalescence took months, but once it was complete, he was able to run and even jump (although only short distances). Let’s not quibble over his jumping abilities: Benben’s recovery was nothing short of miraculous. He’s back to enjoying favorite feline activities like sleeping, playing, and of course, trying to get at his humans’ food.

We’ve posted a video about Benben’s adoption and amazing recovery below. It shows that a little love can go a long way. Who knows, there could be an animal in a shelter right now whose life would be transformed just by being brought into your home.

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