Simon isn’t impressed by a nervous girl singing gospel. That is, until she hits those high notes!

It takes a very talented contestant to impress good old Simon. After all these years, I’ve seen him give people a “yes,” but very few of them have gotten high praise from him over the years. For him, it’s not only about finding a good singer. There are good singers born every hour. He’s looking for someone talented, but that’s able to make the audience feel that they are in a different place with their music.

Many people believe that doing this takes a lot of heart. It takes singing from your soul and really making others feel what you’re singing. This not only takes love for music but also believing in what you’re singing. There’s a little bit of acting involved as well. It’s is convincing the audience that what you’re singing is true. Although this is easier said than done, there have been a few singers that have done this. One of these singers was Brandie Love. She’s a Southern girl from North Carolina. She’s 21 years old and believes she has not been discovered because she has not been in front of the ‘right people’. She hopes that by participating in America’s Got Talent, she’ll finally get her shot.

She comes from a big Southern family as feel. Her mother has always been supportive of her, as well as her father, and now her husband. She has grown up going to church, and it has been this spiritual part of her life that has molded her as a singer and as a person. She is very proud of her husband and what he has done. He’s a helicopter pilot that has taken a break to be with her on this day and show support.

Brandie feels this is her big chance but gets on the stage visibly nervous. One of the judges called Paulina Rubio asks her what her favorite kind of music is, and not surprisingly she says it’s country music. Everyone in the audience and the judges get ready for a music song then. She surprises everyone again by saying that she will not be singing a country song.

She says that her next song, which happens to be one of Simon’s favorites, sounds a little country because of her accent. They all wish her good luck, and she starts singing still looking nervous. It looks like it’s going to be an ‘ok’ performance until she starts hitting those high notes. There’s a part of the song that she’s singing very high notes almost totally a Capella, and she sounds astounding! Wait until you listen to her. Simon even predicted very good things for her and coming from him, it’s quite a compliment.