Singer Performs Impressive Impersonations of Famous Celebrities

Celebrities like Morgan Freeman, Fran Drescher, and Dolly Parton are well-known for their distinct voices. The way we talk sets us apart from everyone else in the world. Some people, like Christina Bianco, possess a unique skill to sound like anyone they want.

Impressionists have entertained people for years. It’s also shocking to see someone open their mouth and sound exactly like your favorite singer or actor. Christiana is a powerhouse of talent and has quite the library of voices to choose from.

She gets on stage to perform Bonnie Tylor’s hit song “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” while singing it as Adele and 18 other Hollywood divas. It isn’t long until she switches her voice from the U.K. superstar to the beloved Cher.

She nails Cher’s idiosyncrasies; it’s as if the legendary singer is on the stage herself. The talented woman even pulls out a Shania Twain impression and Mary Poppin’s. We’re convinced there’s nothing she can’t do.