This Six-Month-Old Kitten Is Thrilled To Say Hello To His New Best Friend

If you think of yourself as a cat person, you will really enjoy this next video that we have for you today. There are thousands of cat enthusiasts all over the world and they love to video their cat, and since I’m one of them, I do too. I have a special place in my heart for kittens, especially the runt of the litter. I just think they are the sweetest things in the world, maybe because they are smaller than the others and know they have a disadvantage. I think this makes them particularly spunky.

The cat in this video is named Jumbo Pillow and he is an exotic Shorthair breed. In the video he’s playing with his best friend, Cooper. Cooper is an orange and white Persian, and very unique and beautiful. Cooper is the older brother and the alpha mail, meeting Jumbo Pillow when he was brought home for the first time. Watch their interaction and decide for yourself if it’s normal. Even if it isn’t, it is too cute to miss.

Jumbo Pillow just a tiny kitten, the runt of the litter, and the way that he meows melts my heart completely. He wants to receive more attention from Cooper, and it’s almost like he already considers him his older brother. I think these two are destined to be fast friends and of course, true brothers. Let’s see what happens.

Watch this two cats meet each other for the first time in the adorable video right below.

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