They Were Skeptical About Introducing Their Baby To Their New Pup. But When They Did? AMAZING!

Many parents have a dog before they have a baby, and after the baby arrives, they are a bit nervous to see how the dog and baby will react to each other. Most of the time, the initial meeting goes very well and baby and dog fall in love with each other. Dogs can also be very protective of their tiny humans, even after meeting them for just a few minutes.

The parents of this adorable baby were skeptical about introducing their baby to their rather tiny new puppy, Wicket the Shorkie. He’s kind of hyper, so they didn’t know how the meeting would go. They didn’t know how the baby would react or how the pup would react, but what happened left them thrilled.

The way this baby, Sophie and the family pup, Wicket, the Shorkie, communicated with each other, was truly unexpected. I wonder what they were actually saying. Wicket barks and Sophie answers. Wicket also wags his tail a lot, a very positive sign, and jumps around, which Sophie really seems to enjoy.

Sophie is like the baby dog whisperer. Cesar Millan has nothing on her! This little Shorkie puppy is another perfect example of what little clowns these dogs are. Shorkie puppies are hypoallergenic and they don’t shed, and they are great with children of all ages, as Wicket has proven in this clip.

Watch this video and tell us what you think about these cuties mingling with each other. We would love to know what you think!

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