Skillful Dancing Seniors Prove Talent During Championship Tournament

Even though people of all ages can enjoy dancing, it does take a lot of energy and movement. A talented couple participates in the 2020 National Shag Dance Championships in the senior division, and you won’t be able to look away at their performance.

The crowd cheers as the pair take the stage, dressed in black and lavender. Showing once again that age is just a number, Gene Pope and Renee Scott quickly begin to swing and twirl along to the music.

The two have perfect chemistry to dance together and show the judges what they’re capable of doing at their age. They decided to perform using the Carolina Shag dance-style that became popular in the south in the 1940s.

After their effortless performance, the crowd gives the pair a massive round of applause. All of their hard work and dedication paid off at the competition. Renee and Gene took the crown in the Senior Division of the 2020 National Shag Dance Championships.