Sleeping Dog Suddenly Covered With Blanket. I Was DYING Laughing At What Happened.

Living in a place with a rug can lead to shock. There have been times when I’ve walked around my place in my socks and then touched my cat. Zap. Whoops. Fortunately, the cat is never startled enough to do anything like scratch my eyes out after doing that. Well, actually, I’m dictating this whole thing right now. Just kidding. But I haven’t seen anything that involves electricity like this video.

We see two dogs sitting in a chair. Suddenly one of the dog’s human sisters comes running over while wearing a blanket. She’s wearing socks and rubbing her feet on the carpet as she does and then she rubs the dog with the blanket vigorously for a few seconds. Suddenly, it looks like all his hair has become weightless. The miracle of static electricity in effect, everyone. It’s quite the sight to behold.

The other dog jumps off the sofa like “Whoa.” The dog starts losing the charge, so his sister runs up and rubs him more with the blanket and he winds up looking even more ridiculous. How bad is it? One of the people sitting in the room is laughing so hard that I’m afraid we’re going to hear him crash to the ground because he’s unable to breathe. That was also me watching this video.

This dog looks like the re-incarnation of Albert Einstein at the end. It’s hilarious to see its hair standing up like this. He’s also running around the chair like “Why is EVERYONE LAUGHING AT ME LIKE THAT?” Science can be truly hilarious sometimes. Well, most of the time it just involves static electricity, but I’m sure that really smart scientists can play jokes that are so funny that they warp their victims to another dimension. Now THAT would be good to watch.

Wasn’t the dog so funny to look at? He’s just like “C’mon guys… what’s going on here?” What did you think? Tell us all about your thoughts on this in the comments section. Nothing shocking, though!

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