Slow Loris Rescued From Being Illegally Sold. I Was Smitten The Second I Saw Him.

Unfortunately, exotic animals are caught and traded every day. It’s not fair for them to be ripped out of their natural habitats and moved to an unfamiliar environment just because someone threw some money around. Luckily, there are rescuers out there who make it their mission to get these animals back and eventually return them to their homes. For example, take this video of one incredible creature…

We see Pasar, a Slow Loris who was rescued from illegal traders in Jakarta, Indonesia. He’s healthy at the sanctuary, thanks to his rescuers giving him food and medicine. His teeth were filed down but they were able to nurse him back. Now he’s learning an important skill – climbing trees. He’s been placed on one and he has to figure this out to be able to eventually go back to the wild.

Pasar moves slowly up the tree, constantly making sounds. There’s a reason why his species is called SLOW Loris, though. They aren’t Speedy Loris. It’s kind of funny watching him move at that pace. It reminded me of a scene from “Night Court” where a man with a condition called “Tortoise Nervosa” came into the courtroom and drove John Laroquette’s Dan Fielding insane. He could never have a Slow Loris as a pet.

The only thing that made me sad was that there were no comments on the YouTube page for this video. Pasar is SO cute. There should be a million comments about those expressive eyes. Then again, knowing YouTube, people would be yelling about a ‘captive’ slow loris, even though this was a rescue operation. I’m just glad that he found another slow loris at the end of the video. Here’s hoping he returned to the wild soon.

I know that Slow Lorises deserve to be in the wild, but man, I would love to hold on for at least five minutes. They look so cute. Have you ever held one? Tell us all about it in the comments section.

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