Small Boat Approaches Gray Whale In Water. I Was Floored By What They Got To Do.

I’ve always loved looking into the water whenever I’ve been on a boat. It’s what’s under there that fascinates me: an entire ecosystem of such a diverse array of fish and mammals. I think I’d freak if I suddenly saw the eye of a giant squid looking back at me, but that’s because I have an active imagination. I’ve been a passenger on many boats, including cruise ships – once I saw dolphins swimming alongside us. Still, I’m insanely jealous of what these people in the video are doing.

We see a boat, probably a paddle one or small motor, in the San Ignacio Lagoon in Mexico, coming upon a mother gray whale and her calf. They slowly approach the boat, and the mother whale, which is several times larger than the boat itself, swims under her calf and lifts him for the people to stroke and pet him. One of them even kisses the calf on the top of the head. It’s so much fun to watch.

What’s really amazing is that all of the people we see in this video are grown men and women… and they become little children when they see these whales coming their way. There’s laughter, shrieks of “Oh my god!” and they all reach out their hands like they are five years old again. The whales are enjoying this SO much. I have a feeling that all the parties involved want this to last forever.

Getting to interact with whales and other forms of marine life like dolphins is something on my list of things to do, sooner than later. There’s just something about them accepting us into their habitat, one that we, as a species, have been screwing up for way too long, that’s amazing. They could teach us a lot of tolerance. I’d like to write more about this, but I’m packing my bags for Mexico….

Wasn’t this incredible? I wanted to be there in the boat! What did you think? Please tell us in the comments section below!

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