Small Stray Cat Sneaks Up On This Man. Seconds Later? I’ve Never Seen Anything Sweeter!

When Mitsuaki Iwago was filming wildlife in Okinawa, a Japanese island, he got a visit from an unexpected and rather surprising furry friend. Iwago is a wildlife photography artist, so he’s used to the unexpected. He was concentrating on his work, when suddenly this furry friend decides he might do a better job with a bit of advice from him. This ginger cat looks so cute and curious as he interacts with Iwago and his equipment.

The kitty approached cautiously, watching Iwago, but eventually he got so comfortable with the photographer, and tired apparently, the he climbed up on his lap and curled up. What a comfy spot! Clearly the cat sensed that Iwago has a love for animals. Iwago frequently photographs the cats he comes across while filming wildlife, but this was a first and this cat stole his heart.

He explains in the video that cats were actually a source of inspiration for him before deciding to photograph wildlife. He loves their natural beauty and elegance and this really shows in his photos.

Watch this adorable cat moment, along with an artist’s interesting insight, on the video featured down below.

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