If You Snore At Night This Simple And All-Natural Remedy Will Silence It For Good

If you snore or sleep next to someone who does, then you know how it can prevent someone from getting a good night’s sleep. When you drift off to sleep, the muscles in your throat, tongue, and on the roof of your mouth relax. In fact they can become so relaxed that they partially obstruct the airway and vibrate with each breath. This vibration becomes sound. Really loud snoring is a sign that the airway is even narrower and more constricted. The labored breathing and greater force of the rushing air makes the relaxed tissues vibrate even more.

A number of factors could be behind your snoring. Some are as basic as sleep position, nasal congestion, or the shape of your mouth. Less obvious causes could be alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation, throat weakness, and obesity. Snoring can also be connected to more serious underlying conditions like sleep apnea and heart disease.

But how to cure snoring? Many things have been tried, with varying degrees of success: sleep position, special pillows, cutting back on alcohol, losing weight, avoiding certain medicines, quitting smoking, using a CPAP machine, and most radically of all, surgery. There’s also a simple home remedy and some people swear by it, insisting it does wonders for snoring. It’s an easy to prepare juice made of all-natural ingredients, so there’s no harm in giving it a try. You’ll need carrots, apples, a piece of lemon, and some fresh ginger root. Make a juice out of them in a blender or food processor and drink it fresh an hour or two before turning in every night. And yes, it does taste good. The idea behind it is that the vitamin C in the fruit will help clear out mucus and congestion while the ginger will relieve inflammation and pressure. For more details and the exact recipe, check out the video we’ve posted for you below.

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