This Fun Christmas Craft Is Easy, Inexpensive, and Totally Cute

Christmas is a crafter’s favorite time of year. There are SO many projects to make for decorating or as home-made gifts. The plethora of projects can be overwhelming. The one we have for you in the video below is one of those super-easy crafts that anyone in the family can do. And while you are doing this easy craft, you can be thinking of the next project you want to start.

To begin with, this craft isn’t just easy, it is inexpensive, and you can likely make it with things you have lying around the house. If you are one of those weird people that have no mismatched socks, then I actually have no words – that is inhuman, in my opinion. I kid, of course. But, you really do need some socks for this project, and mismatched ones are super handy to use.


There are a ton of things that you can do with those socks; just don’t throw them away. These spare socks, with a few more items, can be made into the cutest little snowmen for decorating your home this holiday season.

The instructions for these cute little snowmen are so easy to follow, and the final result is simply adorable. These are great for kids and adults alike to make and are a lot of fun. If you want a fun, inexpensive, and cute craft for the holiday season ahead, look no further than the video below.

This Fun Christmas Craft Is Easy, Inexpensive, and Totally Cute