Soft Cuddly Love! Live and Let Live!

Most people will agree that baby creatures are simply adorable. Their cute antics and adorable efforts in doing just about anything will make any person’s heart melt. Well, when five fur babies were introduced to a furry pony, the most amazing thing happened!

An inter species cuddling session! Yes, you heard me right – this was just so cute – I couldn’t turn away from reading this story. What really caught my eye though was how chill the capybara was, watching the entire thing.

Did you know that capybaras are extremely social animals and live in groups of up to 20? Well, this is why they make such great animals and if you Google a capybara, you’ll most probably get a video that shows a capybara with other animals and creatures snuggled up to it. It is really cute. So I thought hey, why not learn more about these amazing creatures?

This is when I came across this video. If you haven’t heard of these awesome animals, here’s the time to know more about them! Find out what makes them such great companions for many animals – tiny and even highly dangerous like a crocodile! Shudder!

Well, do you know anyone who has a capybara as a pet? Have you ever seen one? Write in and let us know! We love hearing from you guys – the comments section waits for you!

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