Soldier Comes Back Home After 6 Months. You’ll Be In Tears When You See What His Dog Does Next!

Dogs are probably one of the best things to happen to us humans. What we share is a timeless and inexplicable friendship. This story is about a dog and her military dad. Lt. Gary Daughterly had been away from home for nearly six months. But when he returned, he had an amazing surprise waiting for him.

He had hardly reached the top of the stairs, when his beloved Labrador named Bugaboo came running to meet him after hearing his voice. The poor girl was full with emotion and you can clearly see the love between them! She almost knocked him down the stairs jumping on him before he reached the landing.

He sits with her at the top of the stairs briefly, and the whole time she is crying. It’s like she’s trying to tell him with words how much she missed him. Precious. He moves over to a chair to sit down and she won’t let him move. Finally, he sits down and just wait till you see what she does.

At first she just puts her front paws on his chest and continues to cry. But it isn’t long before she’s completely in his lap, and she’s a pretty big dog. She calms down and quiets down, but I don’t think daddy is going to be going anywhere any time soon. He can’t even go to the bathroom.

Watch this touching reunion in the video below! Wasn’t that dog’s reaction precious? Share your thoughts about it in the comments!

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