Someone stands up at a wedding and says four words the groom wasn’t expecting

For Shannon and Rick of Niagara Falls, Ontario, it was wedding day. The big day. They invited 130 guests to be there with them. Planning a big wedding like this is a lot of work. There are endless details to take care of and always, always unexpected loose ends to tie up. There are a thousand things that can go wrong and make the day memorable for the wrong reasons.

Happily, everything seemed to be going smoothly for Shannon and Rick. The guests were all there and the weather was picture-perfect. As soft music played, the bride walked down the aisle and approached the altar. So far, perfect. That’s when one guy in the audience stands and says four words. What was going on? Was he about to object? Nope. He was there to sing.

Little did groom suspect that his bride-to-be had invited fifteen students from the Music Depot School! Within a few moments of the first words being sung, more people are standing and joining in. Who would have imagined a flashmob would turn up at a wedding to serenade the bride, groom, and everyone else with a classic tune that could not have been more perfect for the occasion? As the singing continued, several guitar-toting musicians made their way into the chapel, adding their own voices to the impromptu chorus. As the students finished the song, they filed out of the chapel while the surprised and delighted guests inside applauded.

What should come as no surprise is that this utterly charming video has been viewed millions of times. We’ve posted it below, so you can see it, too.

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