Sometimes when you rob a McDonald’s, you find 11 elite police officers eating lunch

There are dumb criminals and then there are dumb, unlucky criminals! A fine example are this pair of desperadoes who attempted to rob a McDonald’s in eastern France. When they burst into the restaurant, one fired a shotgun in the air and threatened the customers while the other went around the counter to empty the cash registers. The haul looked to be about $2,200. Unfortunately for the robbers, the 40 or so customers included 11 off-duty officers from an elite anti-terrorism police force!

Technically part of the French military, GIGN was founded in 1974. It began as an elite tactical unit for dealing with hostage situations and in the years since, its size and responsibilities have grown. In addition to hostage rescue, its many missions include subduing armed maniacs, protecting officials and sensitive sites, special surveillance, and intervening in prison riots. GIGN has also become one of the best, most experienced anti-terrorism police forces in the world, operating within France and also abroad. Volunteers undergo rigorous training and fewer than 8% make the cut.

The situation at the McDonald’s could easily have ended in a bloodbath, but the GIGN officers were cool and professional. They waited until the robbers were about to leave before swinging into action. None of the restaurant’s customers or staff were harmed. An officer tripped one robber who was then quickly subdued. The other refused to surrender and pointed his gun at the officers. They shot him in the abdomen; he survived, but he and his partner in crime are facing some serious jail time.

We’ve posted a video about this case below for you. We’re sure you’ll agree that GIGN’s officers really know their stuff!

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