Her Son Laid Still In The Bathtub… But Watch What Her Pit Bull Did. WOW…

Anyone who has actually lived with a pit bull will tell you that they’re the loveliest dogs ever. People who treat their pets in a cruel way will make them become violent, always. Even to this day, people still stigmatize pit bulls at a world-wide level because of their natural strength, which people mistake for aggression. The truth is, there’s little to be done for an animal that has been raised to be violent and cruel, and pit bulls get the worst end because of their might.

But any owner knows that they’re some of the sweetest dogs that you could ever meet. The Daniels family are an excellent example of this. They have not only one, but two adopted rescue Pit Bulls living with them at home, and in the amazing video below, you’ll see how adorable these huge pups actually are. They are not only kind, but also extremely loyal and protective of their loved ones.

The newest member of the family, Ember, had become very close to Tracy after she started living with the family, and one day, she started acting very strange towards him. As they narrate in the video below, Ember walked up to Tracy Daniels bed and started growling towards him, as if she knew that something was somehow wrong with him. You won’t believe what she found!

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