“The Sound Of Silence” Begins — And Instantly His Deep, Powerful Voice Gives Everyone Chills

Sound of SilenceMusic is like an old friend or a cherished memory left silently waiting to be shared once again. It’s timeless and transcends generations; what was popular decades ago is just popular today. Simon and Garfunkel’s, (Sound of Silence) is no different.

The classic has been enjoyed for decades by all age groups. It has been played by many musicians who sought to make it uniquely their own. This beautiful performance is no exception.

Sound of SIlence‘Touch of Class’ musicians Ruhon du Toit and Deon van der Merwe performed this song and brought a whole new sound that is guaranteed to bring chills to everyone who listens.  

The deep voices and classic rock-in-roll quality of this duo brought out emotions of this beloved classic. Simon and Garfunkel would certainly approve.

Their video is exciting and unique and has a sound all their own. The beautiful guitars intermingled within the video give it just the right touch.

If you liked this unique rendition as much as I did, you will want to share it with all your friends so they can hear this beautiful “Sound of Silence.”