Southern Ohio Sisters Sing Original Gospel Hit

The Detty Sisters are sure to bring a smile to your face with their original hit, “No Doctor Like Jesus.” Peyton, Cadie, Sophia, and Lily are praise and worship singers from Southern Ohio who have harmony that transcends their young age. Once you hear the beauty in both their voices and the lyrics, it’ll be hard to believe that Peyton wrote this when she was only ten-years-old.

The sisters aim to share the gospel through their devotion to music. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how professional these little girls are, with the video accompanying their song being equally well-produced. It’s a montage featuring visuals from Dogwood Pass that’s sure to warm the year.

Southern Ohio cuties The Detty Sisters have truly put together a praise and worship masterpiece. Their ministry’s work is sure to raise a cheer, brightening the day with an amazing display of songwriting and childhood talent. “No Doctor Like Jesus” sounds set for a pro, but Peyton, the songwriter, was just ten.