He Spots Something Strange Swimming Towards Them, And Then Had The Best Experience Of His Life

J.R. Gilkinson was two miles off the shore of Newport Beach in California when he had the chance to experience something exceptional firsthand. According to him, “it was an experience of a 1000 lifetimes.” He and his friends were out at sea hoping to record some footage of a sea lion colony, but none of them could even imagine what was coming for them. Recording a colony of sea lions is pretty exciting by itself, but what happened to J.R. made the experience truly special.

At one point in their trip, as they were filming, they noticed a baby sea lion swimming towards their boat. At first they thought nothing of it, but then he got very close and very curious, which is unusual. The poor guy looked a little tired. He made his way straight onto their boat and went up to Gilkinson. He actually spent an hour with the humans like he knew them. It is amazing how unfazed he looks; not a single bit of fear! He seems almost like a puppy exploring his new surroundings and he’s just as cute as a puppy, too! Gilkinson says that he is never going to forget this day and who could blame him?

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