He Staples Some Plastic Cups Together, But What He Comes Up With Is Truly Brilliant

We love to have decorations in our house during the holiday season, and Christmas tree lights are one of the main decorations used in many ways to make our homes festive for the holidays. Awesome lights and decor make our house look wonderful and feel welcoming. But trying to find unique lighting and decorations can be out of our budget as they are sometimes too expensive, especially right before the holidays. And sometimes it is really hard to find something unique.

This video shows a creative and beautiful way you can decorate your house with amazing light without having to spend a huge amount of money. In fact, you could use your old Christmas lights and you might have everything else you need at home already. This video will teach you the way to add a great idea to add holiday cheer in your home with a festive ball of lights made with plastic cups and a stapler. He uses a drill to put a hole in the bottom of each plastic cup, but you can use other tools for this. Then he shows you step by step how to build the ball from plastic cups and insert the lights.

You will surely love to make this at your home. Watch and tell us what you think about it through your comments! We’d love to hear from you! If you know someone who might enjoy making this to make their holiday décor more unique, please share this clever idea with them on social media.

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