Stars – the RSPCA Christmas advert 2017

Getting a pet for Christmas is one of the most rewarding experiences your children will ever have. Children love pets, especially when they are puppies. For them, a puppy is like another child. They share the love of playing and being mischievous. They love to run around and be happy. The only thing is that, when adopting a pet, there are many other things that must be taken into consideration.

For starters, having a pet entails a huge responsibility on the part of the owner. Vaccinations and doctor’s visits are just the start of it. Depending on what breed you got, the pet will require some form of exercise and an appropriate living space according to the size. Unfortunately, as pets grow, they sometimes tend to be forgotten by their owners. Now, you need to remember that pets have feelings and some of them have a very tough time coping with what happened.

These pets will end abandoned in the streets, where they face many dangers they may not be prepared for. Smaller pets usually face the gravest dangers as they find themselves all the sudden in a completely different world than the one they were used to. They now need to find their own food and defend it against other animals. Being small, they can easily be outmuscled by the larger competing animals, which puts them at a greater risk of dying from starvation.

Food is not the only priority while looking for itin unsanitary places, they may catch an infection that their body might not be prepared to fight. Some of them spend several days wandering the streets looking for food until they can find a food source, which normally tends to be scarce and only last them for a single sitting. I’ve seen many of these animals wandering in the streets, and have adopted a couple of them throughout the years.

What is the best way to get these little critters the help they need? There are many organizations dedicated to giving these abandoned pets a chance. One of them is RSPCA. They do a wonderful job of rescuing pets of all sorts of sized and providing them with emergency nourishment and medical attention they so desperately need.

They also aid in finding them a suitable home for them to go back to. And finding a warm home to go back to, is all these animals really want. Do check the video and if you can do something to help the organization, don’t hesitate in giving them a hand. Your help will be greatly appreciated!